US Liner Introduces Innovative Translucent Roofing Materials for Dry Vans

Dry van fleet operators have renewed confidence in specifying a translucent roof option on dry vans thanks to a new, composite material available only through US Liner Company.


BXR Series T-Roof panels establish new benchmarks in durability and performance. According to Michael LaRocco, US Liner President, “Earlier translucent roof materials could not hold up to the rigors of the trucking industry. They were fragile, prone to puncture and tear from low-hanging trees and other objects. More importantly, over time, UV rays caused the thermoset materials to become brittle.”


According to LaRocco, the mere mention of translucent roof as an OEM option was quickly dismissed. While fleet owners appreciated the bright interiors the roofs provided, they didn’t like the poor performance and constant need for repair and replacement. “Our customers wanted something better. That’s when we set our product development team loose to create a better solution, using proven, US Liner materials,”.

BXR Series T-Roof panels are engineered with a unique, five-layer construction using durable Versitex and Bulitex materials. The panels are reinforced with continuous woven and non-woven glass fibers.

Jeff Meek, US Liner’s VP, Sales and Marketing said, “For the first time, BXR T-Roof permits us to provide a translucent roof product that can withstand the rigors of loading and unloading. BXR provides a high level of light transmittance, while reducing radiant heat absorption, commonly found with first-generation translucent materials.”

Meek said customer response has exceeded expectations.  “Essentially, BXR T-Roof has caused fleet owners to rethink what they’ve come to expect from translucent roof performance.”  Key performance attributes include:

  • Over five-times the tear resistance of the best fiberglass roofs.
  • Super-bright, white surface deflects radiant heat to maintain a cooler interior.
  • Excellent UV protection deters cracking and crazing from sun and weather.
  • Water-resistant, five-layer construction resists rot, corrosion and mildew.
  • Easy installation to standard roof bows using traditional adhesives.

LaRocco added, “In addition to BXR’s superior performance properties, it is a maintenance friendly material, too. It is easy to clean and is fully field repairable, should the need arise, using a standard heat gun. Minor repairs do not require harsh chemicals, typically used with fiberglass compositions.”

BXR T-Roof is available now for specification with new OEM vehicle orders, as well as field maintenance and retrofit applications. For more information, visit or contact US Liner at 1-800-USLINER (1-800-875-4637).