Strehl’s TrailerBlade Skirt Receives GHG 2 Certification

Strehl LLC, a manufacturer of aerodynamic components for trailers, announced that its TrailerBlade side skirt has earned preliminary approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for use as an aerodynamic device on dry van and reefer trailers under EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 regulations.

Strehl achieved Bin 3 certification on ten different configurations of its flagship TrailerBlade product line.

Though TrailerBlade achieved EPA SmartWay verification and CARB approval more than seven years ago, EPA’s and NHTSA’s GHG 2 regulation requires that all aero manufacturers re-certify their devices under a tough new standard.

“Despite the uncertainty surrounding GHG2, our customers need to be ready for any scenario. We certified multiple configurations of our flagship TrailerBlade product so we can continue to exceed fleets’ already high expectations for fuel economy and long service life, regardless of the trailer type or its operating environment,” said Richard Senatro, President of Strehl.“As tractors continue to improve, and the standards get tougher, the aerodynamics also change. We really pushed the envelope with our new designs and some of those designs beat everything we have ever seen in a wind tunnel.  But what I am most proud of is that our original product, in its original configuration, still represents the best combination of all-around fuel performance and durability.”

TrailerBlade uses proprietary materials and a patented strut that set the standard for side skirt performance and longevity.  The product is backed by a five-year warranty and a national dealer network.