Shur-Co’s DriveMaxx™ Drive Kit Easily Swings Your Auger into Position

Shur-Co® is pleased to announce the expansion of its Agriculture product line with the addition of the DriveMaxx™ Drive kit.

The DriveMaxx™ Drive kit is the perfect marriage of Shur-Co’s existing SMART remote technology and a motorized drive kit for use with swing-away augers. The DriveMaxx™ is a two-motor drive kit that gives its users the final piece of the puzzle for unloading grain. Designed to fit onto an existing auger, this system is priced competitively and works with Shur-Co’s 4500 Series and ProTrap® (or AutoTrap™) systems; or it can be paired with Shur-Co’s Electric Gate & Hoist system for Farm Trucks. Users can remotely operate all their most frequently used accessories, including: rolling the tarp, swinging the auger hopper into position, opening the traps and adjusting grain flow from the truck into the auger.

Shur-Co® VP of Agriculture Sales Mike Krajewski says, “We have seen growing interest in this type of accessory over the past couple of years and customers understand the value the Shur-Co® products add to their operations. Designed and manufactured completely in-house, the DriveMaxx™ is a natural fit for our customers already using our SMART remote technology every day, and we are excited to be able to offer it through our existing distribution channels.”

About Shur-Co®

Shur-Co® is headquartered in Yankton, South Dakota, and is a leading provider of covering systems, parts and service to the global transportation market. With over 60 years of industry experience, Shur-Co® now manufactures a wide offering of tarp systems and accessories for trucks, trailers, carts and specialty equipment used in the agriculture, construction, flatbed, rail and waste markets. Shur-Co® operates 12 locations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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