The National Trailer Dealers Association has awarded more than $215,000 in scholarship money to 81 students since 1998. Each year the NTDA offers a scholarship for one or more graduating high school seniors whose parent is an employee of an NTDA Dealer, Dealer Branch or Allied member company.

We are very fortunate to have underwriting support from Michelin, HAVCO Wood Products LLC, East Manufacturing Corp., Transglobal Door, Pressure Systems International, ILoca Services, Inc., Roll-Rite, A Safe Fleet Brand, ZF and Truck Country® / Stoops Freightliner-Quality Trailer as well as that of individual contributors in 2021.

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Scholarship Recipients

2020 Jorge Aguilera Lopez, Neill Alexander, Cole Aton, Elise Baker, Alexis Bean, Amy Brady, Kylie Brattain, Emma Cammack, John Caplan, Marissa Chandler, Taylor Channell, Abigail Eidsness, Sydney Elliott, Avery Faria, Sophie Fritz, Brandon Herr, Keagan Hinz, Makayla Howell, Trey Jenkins, Samantha Kartes, Camden Keatley, Josephine Krajewski, Gavin LaHousse, Charles (Camden) Mullis, Tyler Nelson, Joseph Perry, Gabriella Sozio, Sarah Topliff, Trinity Tovar
2019 Anthony DiGiorlamo, Haley Risinger, Olivia Campbell, Kaitlyn Patterson, Kristen Chavis, Kortney Chornomitz, Jalynn Kidwell, and Courtney Van
2018 Hannah Rouland, Parker Fritsch, Caitlin Cunningham, Rachel Hodson, and Morgan Miller
2017 Isabel Valdez, Holly Jones, Landon Lintner, Shana Smith, and Madison Pionk
2016 Kasee Shelton, Devin Krasznavolgyi, Vionet Estrada, Maura Cunningham, Lauren Roy, Lindsay Roy, Mark Pawelski
2015 Hailey Drerup, Jessica Wells, David Iacob
2014 Tyler Brennecke, Leslie Ringo, Haleigh Huffaker
2013 Breanna Vera
2012 Justin Taylor
2011 Carrie Cane
2010 Kaci Torgensen
2009 Brandon Bennett
2008 Telisha Wood
2007 Kyle Wieche
2006 Daniel Iacob
2005 Jessica Ascheman
2004 Alecia Hagen
2003 Stephanie Black
2002 Jordon D. Shaw
2001 Matthew Stock
2000 Alecia Jongeward
1999 Travis Wilson
1998 Isaac Goodwin, Kelly Kenyon

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2020 NTDA Virtual Convention

2020 NTDA Virtual Convention