Schneider National teams with Platform Science for IoT technology

Schneider National has announced a partnership with Platform Science, an Internet of Things platform for enterprise fleets.

Schneider National, based in Green Bay, WI, will use Platform Science for its electronic logging devices as well as integrating its own applications and third-party solutions with the San Diego-based Platform Science.

The move came after a trial involving Schneider’s West Coast fleet, consisting of about 800 trucks. Once it was sufficiently integrated into that fleet’s operations, the decision was made to expand to the rest of Schneider’s operations.

Platform Science’s technology is software-centric, rather than relying on apps that are at times difficult to integrate into established systems.

Rather than siloing data, it allows information to be integrated into the whole of Schneider’s system. That allows Schneider to give its drivers information that’s much more specific to that point in time and situations involving individual clients.

It also will allow Schneider to, among other things, adjust more quickly to respond to compliance requirements across its system.

Schneider’s fleet covers 9.3 million freight miles per day. It has been working with Platform Science for the past several years.