Reyco Granning Continues Developments for Electric Vehicles

Applications for electric propulsion will continue to grow and Reyco Granning Electric Vehicle Solutions (RGevs) is committed to developing and expanding its already growing portfolio of EV compatible suspension products.

The 79KB is the most customizable suspension available for Class 5 through 8 trucks. The system is available in a variety of capacities with options that include stabilizer bar, taper leaf springs, helper springs, shock absorbers, and disc brake compatibility. The system is widely used by a major truck OEM for EV applications today. A new high-capacity variant with 35,000-lb. GAWR allows customers to configure a 4X2 with a GVW that would have required a 6X4 in the past.

The 240AR-EV has a GAWR range of 17,000-lb. (7.7 t) to 23,000-lb. (10.4 t) and is suitable for single or tandem drive axle arrangements. Low profile frame brackets leave room for body mounts or fifth wheel angles. The curved spring beam eliminates the traditional lower air spring mount to increase ground clearance and reduce weight. Design efficiencies were a focus to accommodate a larger e-axle space-claim and higher un-sprung mass. The system is ideally suited for on-highway truck, tractor, motorhome, or bus applications.

Beyond that, RGevs has completed multiple EV developments and has active EV programs with powered vehicle and trailer partners.

“Taking our place in the development of EV solutions further cements our commitment to the future of heavy and medium vehicle propulsion.” said John Stuart, President.