Reyco Granning Announces Plans to Support Former Eveley Customers

Reyco Granning has produced a part number cross-reference to support direct replacement of Eveley parts and systems with fully compatible Reyco Granning equivalents. The list can be found at

Additionally, Reyco Granning has developed and launched new variants of the 21B trailer suspension including a 65 inch (1,651 mm) axle spread to directly replace Eveley. The 21B comes in a variety of cast or fabricated configurations to suit nearly any specialty trailer application requiring leaf springs. For applications requiring an air suspension Reyco Granning offers the AR family with GAWR’s from 20,000-30,000 lb.  Other specialty trailer solutions include the Model 88 and Model 74B. For more information on all of these you can go to:

“We are developing solutions to support our critical trailer fleets and keep them on the road.” said John Hinz, Vice President of Engineering.

21B Cast & 21B Fabricated

  • GAWR of 15,000 lb. (6.8 t) – 26,000 lb. (11.7 t)
  • Flanged-mount, under-mount, & side-mount hanger configurations available for weld-on or bolt-on application.
  • Austempered ductile iron equalizers available for exceptional wear and durability.


  • GAWR of 20,000 lb (9 t) – 30,000 lb (13.6 t)
  • Available with integrated axle or without axle
  • Dressed axles, liftable axles, and steerable axles are all available options.

For more information on Reyco Granning, the products mentioned above or other possible applications please visit our Web site at, we look forward to becoming your indispensable partner.