Procede Software Announces Latest Release of Leading Dealer Management System, Excede DMS

Procede Software, a leading software developer of dealer management systems for the heavy-duty truck and commercial vehicle industry in the United States and Canada, has announced the general release of Excede DMS version 9.22. This latest version release of their enterprise dealer management system comprises a vast set of functional and user experience (UX) improvements designed to deliver an increase in overall dealership productivity and drive performance.

The result is a notable product release with over 150 new features and functional enhancements that optimize workflows, increase the speed of key processes, decrease keystrokes, and minimize steps — while simultaneously maintaining system reliability and overall behavioral consistency.

“As dealerships continue to evolve faster than ever, we remain intensely focused on proactively engaging and listening to our customers so we can deliver more,” said Larry Kettler, CEO.  “And we continue to leverage the decision we made over fifteen years ago to build an innovative dealer management system for the heavy-duty truck industry using Microsoft technology and specifically SQL Server.”

Beltway Companies, the largest international truck dealer in the state of Maryland, was one of five dealership groups that were directly involved in both Beta and Pilot testing of the Excede DMS v9.22 release.

“We are so excited that we got involved early with Excede version 9.22 because of all the new features it has,” said Monica Gramlich, Chief Financial Officer of Beltway Companies. “These improvements have allowed our dealership to gain more efficiencies than ever before.”

Functional enhancements and operational workflow improvements in Excede DMS v9.22 also result in a product that is easier for the dealership to maintain and support, while improving employee efficiency and effectiveness with the system. This is especially impactful with new employee on-boarding, employee job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Excede DMS v9.22 is available now and current Procede Software customers are gearing up for the much-anticipated upgrade.

For more information on Procede Software or Excede DMS v9.22 please contact: Chelsea Alves, Marketing Communications Specialist at, or (858) 450-4800.

About Procede Software:

Since 2001, Procede Software has been a leading developer of enterprise level Dealer Management System (DMS) software using Microsoft® tools and providing advanced Windows® and browser based applications to dealerships. Serving the U.S. and Canada, Procede Software offers a flexible environment, logical data access, and seamless integration between manufacturers, dealers, and dealership customers, significantly improving overall dealer operational efficiency and driving performance.

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