Phillips Industries Releases Support System for Auxiliary Charging Systems Using QWIK-CLAMP™ Technology

Phillips Industries has released a new QWIK-CLAMP™ for Charging Cables with an insert designed for single or dual pole applications, as well as a new QWIK-CHANGE™ 20” Tracker Spring Kit with QWIK-CLAMP for Charging Cables. Both bolster their critical cable support product offerings.

Cable support is an integral part of any electrical system that is responsible for the operation of a tractor-trailer vehicle. Without proper support, cables can tangle, rub, sag and drag, leading to damage that results in downtime or violations.  The new products from Phillips Industries offer the only back-of-cab support for auxiliary charging system cables used to operate trailer applications such as liftgates that rely on tractor power. Until now, the only support systems available for these auxiliary charging cables relied on alternative methods that were improvised and inadequate. Phillips Industries now offers the only cable support designed specifically for charging cables combined with their QWIK-CLAMP technology.

The QWIK-CLAMP for charging cables combines the technology of the QWIK-CLAMP hose holder with an insert designed specifically to hold 2, 4, or 6 gauge dual or single pole charging cables. The red disc-like insert is the key component in the design for this hose holder, installed on the cable first and then locked into place by securing the QWIK-CLAMP around it. Both the clamp and insert are non-corrosive and UV resistant for outstanding performance in extreme weather conditions. Installation and adjustments are fast and easy without the use of tools. The QWIK-CLAMP for charging cables is the hassle-free, robust, corrosion-resistant solution for securing charging cables to a tender spring or pogo stick.

The QWIK-CHANGE 20” Tracker Spring Kit with QWIK-CLAMP for Charging Cables combines the technology of the QWIK-CLAMP for charging cables with the strength and durability of Phillips’ heavy-duty 20” tender spring kit for an all-in-one, easy-to-install charging cable support system. This product is designed for quick installation without compromising the quality necessary to keep charging cables off the deck plate. The spring is constructed of heavy gauge pre-galvanized wire for better recoil memory and longer spring life.  The large carabiner wire-gate clip hooks and unhooks the entire system onto the back of the cab without having to unbolt the sliding tracker bar.

Both the QWIK-CLAMP for Charging Cables (part number 17-185) and the new QWIK-CHANGE 20” Tracker Spring Kit with QWIK-CLAMP for Charging Cables (part number 17-1484) are available from Phillips authorized dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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