Phillips Industries OEM Division Receives Wabash 2022 Supplier Award

Phillips Industries OEM division has been recognized as one of Wabash’s top suppliers receiving a 2022 Wabash Supplier Award for supply chain excellence. Wabash presents the annual awards to top suppliers for excellence in supply chain performance, considering criteria such as innovation, quality, delivery, cost, and service.

On Sept. 27, Phillips was presented with a 2022 Distinguished Supplier Award for outstanding customer service, business responsiveness, and performance, at Wabash’s business conference, Ignite. The conference brought together senior leaders from more than 148 companies representing Wabash suppliers, customers, dealers, and partners.

Phillips Industries supplies Wabash with harnesses and fleet spec parts such as gladhands, noseboxes, and document holders.

“Wabash is an important trailer manufacturer in North America and a significant customer for Phillips Industries,” noted Filiberto Coello, president of Phillips Industries OEM. “We are gratified to be recognized as one of their top suppliers. We will proudly display the award so all our employees can see it and realize their part in achieving this recognition.”