Phillips Industries Introduces WEATHER-TITE M2 Dual Pole Plug Connection with Superior Corrosion Protection

Phillips Industries has introduced its WEATHER-TITE M2 liftgate electrical assembly. The company designed the WEATHER-TITE M2 for dual pole applications specifically to eliminate corrosion build up that can easily occur at the coupled liftgate connection, slowing down or completely blocking the charge to the liftgate batteries, resulting in downtime and delayed deliveries.

The WEATHER-TITE M2, with unbreakable, non-corrosive plug housing completely molded to the electrical cable, is a durable solution that is impervious to water and contaminants at the back of the plug. The moisture blocking WEATHER-TITE seal at the front of the plug keeps contaminants from entering the socket cavity, preventing corrosion from developing and traveling past the union inside the socket and into the liftgate electrical system. Assemblies are available with heavy duty jacketing in straight and coiled versions and come in varying lengths with a choice of two or four gauge fine stranded copper wiring.


About Phillips Industries

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