Paragon Launches HydraAIR Oil-free Air Compressor Chemical Unloading System

Paragon Tank Truck Equipment has developed HydraAIR, an oil-free air compressor that passes no oil residue into the material being off-loaded. This design combines the need for oil-free air for chemical off-loading with proven piston technology. Two air delivery options (CFM) are available for the HydraAIR, resulting in 105-145 in GPM liquid off-load rates.

HydraAIR includes a compressor and hydraulic oil cooler designed to operate truck and or trailer hydraulic circuits up to 40 GPM. Housed in a stainless steel top cover and louvered powder coated side panels and main frame, the HydraAIR offers three easy-to-read system gauges for operator awareness and system conditions. An optional hose rack and front panel help organize hoses and trailer connections.

“Fleets are enjoying the HydraAIR, eliminating potential contamination of liquids. Old vane style compressors that have been around for 30 years are costly and require high maintenance expense over their life cycles,” said Drake Miller, Paragon’s National Sales Director.

The HydraAIR’s space saving design mounts behind the truck cab quickly with the supplied mounting hardware. When it is time for a new truck, simply remove the unit in its entirety and fit to the new truck. Paragon can customize a complete system from the PTO, Hydraulic Pump, HydraAIR in addition to a variety of product pumps.

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