P.S.I.’s Musgrave Awarded Federal Aviation Administration’s Highest Award

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017, local businessman Tim Musgrave, was awarded the Federal Aviation Agency’s (FAA) most prestigious award, The Wright Brother’s Master Pilot Award, at the local FAA offices in San Antonio by Gary E. Stamper, the FAASTEAM Program Manager. The award is given to pilots who have continuously flown for more than 50 years with no violations, incidents or accidents.

Musgrave has flown out of San Antonio International airport since 1965, the year he soloed. He had a brief stint with Trans Texas Airways in the mid 60’s and has flown over 90 different aircraft and accumulated over 15,500 hours as pilot in command. Interestingly, his father General Thomas C. Musgrave Jr. (USAF) and his mother Josephine both soloed in aircraft in San Antonio in the late 1930’s and his son Bear Musgrave soloed in San Antonio in 1982. His father went on to fly every United States bomber used during WWII and after up to the B1. The controllers in San Antonio have heard Tim’s call sign either N6TM, N66TM or N666TM since the early 70’s. He has flown his present aircraft, and Eclipse 500 jet as a single pilot since 2008.

Musgrave has been in business in San Antonio since 1965, starting with KONO Radio-TV and KITY FM and currently is President and CEO of Pressure Systems International, the world’s leader in Automatic Tire Inflation for the trucking industry, the product selling in 44 countries. PSI’s headquarters and manufacturing are in San Antonio.