Optronics Introduces Industry’s First Multifunction Marker/Clearance Lamps with Mini-Scene-Light Feature

Optronics International, a leading manufacturer of vehicle harnesses, electronic control systems and LED lighting for the global transportation industry, introduced its new MCL16MRHAHB and MCL16MAHAHB LED Marker/Clearance/Scene Lights. The newest members of Optronics’ MCL16 series family of lights, the unique 1 1/4-inch, seven-diode, PC-rated lamps enable vehicles to meet clearance and all marker lighting regulations, but give users an extra lighting bonus. The new clear lens lamps are able to turn white when a truck or trailer is stationary, creating a bright halo of light around the vehicle perimeter.


Whether it’s a last mile delivery vehicle, a work truck, or a parked semi-trailer, when humans perform duties around them, they need adequate lighting. As winter approaches and low-light conditions encroach on work hours, the new MCL16MRHAHB and MCL16MAHAHB LED Marker/Clearance/Scene Lights can create a safer and more productive environment for workers.


Optronics is a leader in multifunction lighting that provides users with multiple combined lighting functions from a single lamp position. In recent years, the company has introduced a number of lamps with combined lighting functions. Consolidation of lamp functions reduces SKUs as well as carrying costs and also completely eliminates the need for separate lamps and for additional holes in vehicle bodies and frame structures. Combination lamps essentially offer the end user multiple LED lamps for the price of one. 


“With the simple flip of a switch, our new MCL16MRHAHB and MCL16MAHAHB LED Marker/Clearance/Scene Lights can illuminate the entire periphery of a parked vehicle with bright white LED light,” Marcus Hester, chief marketing officer for Optronics International, said. “Not only will these mini scene lights help workers see potential hazards around their vehicles, but their brilliant white LED light will also help others on the road see a vehicle and those working around it.”


Both seven-diode MCL16MRHAHB and MCL16MAHAHB lights are hard wired and include separate grounding wires and both feature a pliable EPDM grommet. The lamps require only a single 1.4-inch diameter mounting hole.


Both lamps feature Optronics’ unique mini scene lighting capability. The MCL16MAHAHB lamps include a clear lens that is yellow when illuminated in marker/clearance mode, and white when illuminated as a mini scene light. The MCL16MRHAHB lamps include a clear lens that is red when illuminated in marker/clearance mode, and white when illuminated as a mini scene light.


The new lamps will interface with all popular wiring and harness systems, but for those who want to design a lighting system with the new lamps in mind, Optronics can help. Optronics USA Harness makes harness and electronic control systems for a wide variety of commercial applications, and with almost 50 years of experience in vehicle electrification, the company is very adept at customizing systems that are amazingly effective and robust.


“There are more commercial vehicles on the road than ever, and many are now working long into the evening, presenting safety challenges to fleets, owner-operators and workers alike,” Hester said. “This light replaces ID, clearance and marker lights all around the vehicle.”

The lamp’s lens and housing are made of tough polycarbonate material that is sealed and waterproof. The lamp employs a solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) design that protects its electronics against moisture, shock and vibration. Like all LED products from Optronics, these lamps come with no-hassle, one-diode lifetime warranty protection that will replace the lamp if even one diode fails.


Optronics’ new MCL16MRHAHB and MCL16MAHAHB LED Marker/Clearance/Scene Lights will be available at the end of the first quarter of 2022.


Optronics products are available in the U.S. and Canada through the company’s extensive distribution network of more than 20,000 convenient distribution locations. Users can access individual Optronics distributor websites by simply clicking on their logo icons. For information on international sales and distribution of Optronics products, please contact Dorian Drake at (914) 697-9800, or visit http://doriandrake.com.


About Optronics

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