The Latest on China – U.S. Tariff Battles

NTDA has partnered with CliftonLarsonAllen to support our FET Compliance Hotline and related FET activities. CliftonLarsonAllen has just published its thoughts on the ongoing tariff issues between the U.S. and China, including video discussions on the subject. They look at Chinese theft of IP, impacts on the supply chain, business exposure to these tariffs, and their affects on manufacturers.

“No tariff relief is likely coming in the near future. There may be more clarity on what lies ahead after the 2018 mid-term elections, but the trade war is a long-term battle, and any easing up on tariff rates won’t likely come before spring of 2019.” One of the videos, on the impact on manufacturing, is embedded below.

“The goal of tariffs is to level the trade balance with China and the entire globe. Ultimately, however, tariffs are designed to create a global quota system that could control the sourcing of materials like steel, aluminum, semi-conductors, uranium, and artificial intelligence items.”