Free Predictive Maintenance Webinar

Predictive maintenance, also known as preemptive repair, offers the ability to replace vehicle components prior to failure based on their known condition, thanks to mobile data, sensors, analytics and related applications. This could have a big impact on fleet operators, dealers, service companies and repair shops.

Uptake Technologies will deliver a free webinar on how predictive maintenance can be used to reduce repair costs.

Wednesday, June 12

1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m CDT

See how to prevent downtime and save on unplanned maintenance costs and expensive road calls.

  1. Minimize unplanned maintenance
  2. Increase mechanic productivity using precise, actionable insights
  3. Increase fuel efficiency
  4. Cut through the noise of data overload

Led by:

Braden Pastalaniec, Head of Fleet AI at Uptake

Jon White, 40-Year Veteran and Innovator in the Transportation Industry

Lew Flowers, Former Chairman – Technology and Maintenance Council – ATA, Former Director of Maintenance, USPS

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