Check out This Free Cyber Security Webinar

The National Cyber Security Alliance’s (NCSA) mission is to educate and empower users about online safety and security. It is a public-private partnership between government and several large Internet companies including Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec and others. The group is holding a free Webinar in July that may be of interest to some members.

“Cyber-Securing Your Home Office” is a one-hour Webinar scheduled for July 9, 2019, at 3pm Eastern. Register here.

Overview: Working from a home office is a convenient and cost-effective alternative for many small business owners and employees. However, working from home does not mean you are any less targeted by cyber criminals. It is still critical that one takes security measures seriously to protect physical and digital assets in your home office. In this webinar we’ll cover some tips you can use to make your home office more cyber secure.

In addition, the organization has just posted its “Detecting a Cyber Incident in Your Small Business” Webinar from June. The one-hour presentation is available via YouTube.