New Paint Offers Superior Performance

Today Reyco Granning, LLC announces a new and superior coating being phased in on its suspension products.

In our ongoing commitment to continuously improve, we have begun utilizing a world class coating that will improve corrosion resistance, as well as resist chipping, scratching, and gravel damage seen on truck and trailer under-bodies. Samples exceed 2,000 salt spray hours in independent testing; a critical feature as transportation agencies now use ever-more aggressive de-icing materials.

Our new coating can be re-coated with most urethane, acrylic or alkyd resin formulated automotive topcoats or it can be used as a finished coat.

Additional product specific information is available upon request.

About Reyco Granning
Reyco Granning, headquartered in Mt. Vernon, MO, designs and manufactures air ride, steel spring, and auxiliary suspension systems used by truck, trailer and specialty vehicle OEMs, including Fire & Rescue, RV and Bus markets. Reyco Granning is a suspension manufacturer with more than 90 years of proven product quality, durability, and reliability. Visit us at