New Fontaine Heavy-Haul Delivers 2,000 Pound Larger Payload

NTDA member Fontaine Heavy-Haul introduced a new trailer which it says carries heavy loads in a lighter package – the Fontaine Magnitude 55L.

“The Fontaine Magnitude 55L is designed for haulers that do not need a spread axle setup and want to maximize their payload,” explained Todd Anderson, VP Sales and Marketing. “Since the new Magnitude 55L operates close coupled only, our Engineering Team managed to shed 2,000 pounds in the design. So if a hauler only needs 3 or 4 axles close coupled, the new Magnitude 55L will carry an additional ton of payload,” Anderson concluded.

The company added that this lowbed trailer handles 55 tons in just 13 feet. Fabricated with 100,000# minimum yield steel flanges, the trailer boasts a 26′ clear deck length and a loaded deck height of 18″ with 6″ of ground clearance. It features a hydraulic removable gooseneck which an be connected and disconnected in a matter of seconds and it can connect/disconnect on uneven ground.

About Fontaine 

Fontaine is the largest platform trailer brand in the world. It encompasses a complete line of aluminum, steel, and composite trailers for the flatbed, drop deck, and heavy-haul markets. Manufacturing facility locations are in Haleyville and Springville, Alabama. Fontaine is a Marmon Highway Technologies / Berkshire Hathaway company. Find out more at