Labor Force Participation Rate of Hispanics at 66.1% in 2017

Since 1968 Americans have celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 through October 15. Each year we recognize the history and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans and their contributions to society. In 2017, the labor force participation rate of Hispanics—that is, the number of people either working or looking for work as a percent of the civilian noninstitutional population—was 66.1%. That was higher than the rate for non-Hispanics, at 62.2%.

The groups with the highest labor force participation rates among Hispanics were Salvadorans (72.2%); other Central Americans, excluding Salvadorans (70.8%); and South Americans (70.0%). Puerto Ricans and Cubans (each at 61.7%) had the lowest labor force participation rates.