FTR Offers 2019 Economic Outlook Webinar

Join FTR’s Clayton Slaughter, Chief Strategy Officer & General Counsel, and Bill Witte, Economy Expert, as they discuss the economic outlook for 2019 and what a strong Q4 in 2018 will mean for you.

The U.S. economy situation has gone from good to better so far in 2019. The non-economic situation has gone from bad to worse. The questions for 2019 are, first, can this disconnect continue? Second, if not, how will it end? This webinar will review the current status of the economy, and present our baseline forecast for next year. We will also discuss the risks to that outlook and present an alternate scenario to the downside.

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  • The U.S. economy is super as we enter the final quarter of 2018
  • Is there any upside from here?
  • Is the current situation too much of a good thing?
  • If so, why might it end?

Bill Witte commented, “After a long period of sub-par performance the past year has seen a definite acceleration in the path of the U.S. economy. All signs indicate this improved performance will extend at least into early 2019. The hard question is what happens later next year.”

This webinar contains 30 minutes of prepared material moderated by Clayton Slaughter, Chief Strategy Officer & General Counsel for FTR. Q&A will occur after formal remarks.