FTR Collaborates with Food Shippers of America for a Webinar Focused on Food and Beverage Industry

FTR is collaborating with Food Shippers of America for a webinar Current Transportation Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry scheduled for Oct. 21 at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

The pandemic has changed the economy, supply chains, and demand fundamentals. This session will put the current supply chain constraints in context and explore whether this is a permanent shift due to the pandemic or if it is temporary. Also, as services start to reemerge, this may once again change the underlying future demand for food that could impact associated businesses.

Not only will discussion address supply chains, but will also take an unbiased look at:

  • Truck and intermodal trends in transportation regulations
  • Driver issues
  • Capacity, rates and freight demand for food and refrigerated goods.

“Current supply chain challenges are affecting the entire transportation industry but none more so than those involved with shipping perishable goods, especially food,” commented Todd Tranausky, FTR vice president of rail and intermodal. “By joining with the Food Shippers of America for this webinar, we’ll present a full look at the challenges and trends going forward for this segment.”