Four Strategies for Increasing Your Leads

By Liz Alton
Marketing Strategy Magazine

When your marketing department is under fire to generate more leads, here’s a closer look at what’s working in 2019.

Marketing is often in charge of lead generation. If you have found your lead generation slowing down in 2019 or strategies that have previously been successful aren’t seeing results, it may be time to update the way you approach lead generation. Here are four strategies that are helping companies across industries increase their leads.

Avoiding leaky buckets: Sales experts have been talking about the leaky bucket theory for years. The idea is that companies invest heavily in their marketing funnels — developing content, campaigns, and other initiatives to help draw in customers. Yet if those materials are not converting, the only way to achieve velocity is to keep pouring more water in the bucket. If you find that you need to attract more leads to drive conversions, it’s time to press pause. Figure out what is not working in your marketing funnel, and refine that. Not only will you reduce costs, but you can get a higher volume of leads for what you’re spending on advertising content and other formats.

Direct relationships: Today’s marketing strategies are trending more toward direct relationships. Look at how you’re leveraging channels that help you connect directly with prospects. Do you have an e-mail marketing strategy? Is it effective? How effective is your social media marketing? Make sure the touch points bring you into direct contact with buyers are being maximized.

Double down and referrals: In an increasingly crowded marketplace, trust is at a premium. Decision makers are bombarded day in and day out with ideas, advertisements and sales materials. The closer you can get to a warm referral, the better your chances are of converting it into a sale. Ask satisfied customers for referrals. Make sure you are leveraging social proof, case studies and testimonials. Offer referral bonuses and affiliate programs. Find a way to implement a strategy that makes sense for your business model.

Go offline: In today’s digital landscape, there are more ways to reach customers online than ever before. Counter-intuitively, many businesses are finding that going offline can help improve lead generation. Going to conferences, hosting events, having a local presence, and utilizing other ways to meet customers in real life can leave an impression and help generate business.

Consistently generating leads is an important part of growing your business. If your current strategies are not working, look at evaluating your marketing plan and implementing new tactics to help breathe life into your customer marketing.