Fleet Survey Links Productivity Gains to In-House Maintenance

During a recent survey with trucking fleets there was a strong indication that fleets with current maintenance capabilities can improve productivity by bringing additional work in house.

The Fleet Productivity Gains and Losses Study recently completed by CK Commercial Vehicle Research identified areas where trucking fleets can gain productivity and where productivity can be lost.  More than a third of the respondents said they gained an average of 14% by doing more maintenance in house.

According to this study, other areas where fleets have gained productivity over the past two to three years include improved vehicle performance, more communications via telematics, more automated manual transmissions, shop management programs, additional training and the increased use of automatic tire inflation systems.  Fleets reported that major reasons they have lost productivity include emission and aftertreatment issues including increased vehicle maintenance requirements and regulations like Hours of Service and the EOBR mandate.

The survey also compiled fleet opinion on the best technologies, how OE’s and shipper/receivers can assist carriers in meeting their goals and identified major reasons for downtime.  Fifty-seven small, medium and large fleets participated in this study which was completed in April.  These fleets operate more than 47,000 medium and heavy duty trucks (primarily Class 8) that accrue in excess of 4.5 billion miles annually. For more information go here.

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