Felling’s Turret Reel Trailer Custom-Made for Municipal Power Entity

Felling recently completed a custom Turret Reel trailer for a Municipal Power entity in Western California, a FT-10 R Turret Reel Trailer.

The FT-10 R Turret Reel Trailer is a valuable tool for any fleet: Municipalities, Electric Utilities, Communications, Gas, and Oil, etc. Felling Trailers offers many utility and telecom trailer solutions, including utility cable reels.

With its 360-degree rotating turret assembly, there is virtually no right-of-way or easement that will prohibit the operation. No need to be blocking the road, pulling off into the ditch, weeds or having to jack knife the trailer to get it into the proper orientation for your operations. Simply pull to the side, disengage the lever actuated locking pin and effortlessly rotate the reel to the direction needed. The turret can lock into any position in 15-degree increments.

Options on this Turret Reel Trailer:

 (1) 16″ Bronze Tensioning Brake

This option controls the over spin of the reel and provides tension as the material is being pulled off. Also, this brake assembly with its infinitely adjustable manual brake caliper and up to 50,000 in lbs of torque is an excellent choice for distribution class line tensioning. The ability to switch out reels without having to readjust the tension setting is a must for this type of application. The 1 1/8″ thick bronze, the ventilated rotor is surfaced to within 1,000th of an inch to eliminate galloping which is a common issue with other manufacturers.

 (2) Hydraulic Take-Up/Payout Assembly

These are beneficial and can save time for any crew. They can be used to wind the material back onto the reel. They can be used to payout material when reels are extremely heavy. Probably the most popular use is for retrieving downed overhead conductor in replacement stringing operations and storm repair.

Oil & Gas industries can use this to service existing wells or new deployment of ESP cable. It can also be used for retrieval and redeployment of ESP cable for the replacement or repair of the submersible pumps as well as deployment and retrieval for capillary tube operations.

 (3) Hydraulic Power Pack

Although Felling’s Hydraulic Take-Up/Payout Assembly is engineered to operate from the hydraulic tool circuit of an appropriately equipped truck, the on board hydraulic power pack is an excellent option. When equipped with this, the turret reel trailer can operate as a standalone machine and free up the truck for other operations.

With the dependability of a Honda Engine, you can be assured of many years of trouble free operations. We use a Honda GX 390 gas engine with electric start and recoil backup. Equipped with a 25-gal. hydraulic reservoir, you can achieve a near 100% duty cycle without over heating the hydraulic oil. This option also includes a hydraulic oil return filter and a lockable theft resistant enclosure. This package is rated for 2,250 psi continuous and 2,900 psi max and provides eight GPM.

To learn more about the Turret Reel Trailers or other utility and telecom trailer solutions, please contact Felling Trailers here or at 1-888-335-5464.

About Felling Trailers, Inc.

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