Employment in Leisure and Hospitality up by 331,000 in April 2021

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 266,000 in April 2021, following increases of 770,000 in March and 536,000 in February. In April, nonfarm employment is down by 8.2 million from its pre-pandemic level in February 2020. Employment in leisure and hospitality increased by 331,000, as pandemic-related restrictions continued to ease in many parts of the country. Employment in the industry is down by 2.8 million since February 2020.

In April, employment increased by 44,000 in the other services industry, with gains in repair and maintenance (+14,000) and personal and laundry services (+14,000). Employment in other services is 352,000 below its February 2020 level.

Employment in financial activities rose by 19,000 for the month ended April 2021, with most of the gain occurring in real estate and rental and leasing (+17,000). Since February 2020, employment in financial activities is down by 63,000.

Manufacturing employment edged down in April (−18,000), following gains in the previous 2 months (+54,000 in March and +35,000 in February). Employment in manufacturing is 515,000 lower than in February 2020.

Retail trade employment changed little in April (−15,000), following a gain in the prior month (+33,000). Employment in retail trade is 400,000 lower than in February 2020. In April, employment changed little in other major industries, including mining, wholesale trade, and information.