Dorsey Intermodal to Deliver Product for New Chassis Fleet

Dorsey Intermodal is poised to fulfill an agreement to supply more than 5,000 new chassis for the South Carolina Ports Authority, currently on schedule for delivery in early 2022.

“South Carolina Ports is excited to launch our chassis pool in early 2023 to enhance the reliability, safety, quality and availability of equipment for the benefit of motor carriers, importers, exporters and ocean carrier customers. This will ensure efficient, fluid operations as we continue to handle record-breaking cargo volumes,” SC Ports COO Barbara Melvin said.

“In working with several partners to build our chassis fleet, SC Ports found great synergy with Dorsey Intermodal. The chassis company is known for its high-performance equipment and responded with the ability to provide great manufacturing capacity through its partner, THACO Special Vehicles.”

Backed by the support and trust of the SC Ports team, Dorsey Intermodal immediately launched a massive capacity increase.

“Until recently, we were not able to sell to our potential due to market conditions,” said JP Pierson, president of Dorsey Intermodal, “but I am extremely proud of the rapid acceleration undertaken by our Alabama factory and our private label partner,
THACO Special Vehicles, to get these chassis constructed and shipped to Charleston.”

According to Pierson, substantial orders like the SC Ports project help position Dorsey Intermodal to forecast with vendors and mitigate potential supply chain issues. “Dorsey Intermodal is dedicated to meeting the market’s demands, and we are honored
that SC Ports entrusted a large portion of their build to us, allowing us to get our machine running on all cylinders,” said Pierson.

An essential factor in Dorsey Intermodal’s increased capacity stems from an agreement with Vietnam-based THACO Special Vehicle, finalized in early 2020. “Our collaborative engineering and manufacturing partnership relies on the strengths of each
company and results in one of the highest quality chassis in the market,” Pierson said.

THACO manufactures cars for BMW and commercial vehicles for Kia, including buses, dump trucks, and trailers. Their facilities are fully automated with robotic welding, electrostatic painting and other efficiencies necessary for high volume production. They also provide rigorous testing and quality controls to ensure each chassis meets the high performance standards required in the U.S. Dorsey Intermodal chassis are built from the ground up at both facilities from raw and manufactured steel. The materials are cut, bent and welded to exact specification, including necessary parts for component attachment. Once complete, the chassis are prepared for shipment and ready for immediate use upon delivery.

“THACO has committed tremendous human and financial capital toward this effort. Our partnership in conjunction with our rapidly expanding manufacturing capabilities in Alabama ensure Dorsey Intermodal will continue to be an industry leader in
chassis production,” said Pierson.

Supplying SC Ports’ fleet also requires an ongoing collaborative effort between SC Ports and Dorsey Intermodal to arrive at optimal specifications and logistics solutions. “We look forward to our continued partnership with Dorsey Intermodal as we grow our chassis fleet over time,” Melvin said.

Pierson concurred, “We congratulate SC Ports for taking this significant step in the supply of chassis for their port and customer base, and we are humbled to be a part of their program.”

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