Doggett Industries Acquires Great Dane Trailer Dealership

Houston-based Leslie Doggett Industries recently added a privately held Great Dane trailer distributor/dealer to its businesses.

The acquisition was made through Truck Enterprises, which Doggett purchased last month. The company said it bought the trailer dealership, which serves the El Paso, Laredo and McAllen/Pharr areas of Texas, from Royal Jones, a well-known entrepreneur and “trucking magnate” who is president/CEO of Mesilla Valley Transportation.

Doggett did not disclose the purchase price.

The growing company also acquired the Freightliner dealerships in Arkansas last year, and Truck Enterprises is a Western Star, Detroit Diesel and extreme heavy-duty trailer dealer located in El Paso and Carlsbad NM. With the addition of a Great Dane trailers dealer, Doggett now represents seven first-tier manufacturers, including John Deere, Toyota Industrial Equipment, Link Belt Cranes and Ford.

The Freightliner and Western Star dealerships in El Paso, Laredo and McAllen/Pharr now will sell and service flatbed, dry freight and refrigerated van trailers.

“The addition of Great Dane products to Doggett’s world-class lineup allows Doggett to further partner with trucking companies and truck dealers on a measurable and meaningful basis,” said Paul Burk, senior vice president of the Doggett Truck Group. “We are very proud to be partners with Great Dane and expect to have extraordinary growth with their products just as we have had extraordinary growth in our truck (Freightliner), tractor (John Deere), forklift (Toyota), crane (LinkBelt) and auto businesses (Ford).”

Great Dane’s history dates back to 1900. The company engineers and builds high-quality trailers and truck bodies, manufacturing 49,000 trailers in 2018. Great Dane’s headquarters are in Savannah GA, with manufacturing plants throughout North America.