Doepker Industries Ltd. Announces Major Changes

Doepker Industries Ltd., headquartered in Annaheim, SK, Canada is excited to announce major changes at the company. Lionel Doepker and Randy Doepker have retired from their roles, coinciding with completion of the sale of their shares in the company to Evan Doepker and Bill Schuler.

Randy has been a shareholder at Doepker since 1999, and has been a part of the Doepker team since 1973. Randy spent the majority of his time in leadership roles in the production and product development areas at Doepker. Many of the products that we continue to build today are a result of the knowledge he gained by visiting customers in the field and then designing and building products that work to make the customer profitable and successful.

Lionel has been a shareholder at Doepker since the early 90s and has been part of the Doepker team since 1974. Lionel spent the majority of his time leading the customer and dealership facing areas of the company and was Doepker’s first Chief Customer Officer. Many of our customers still talk about the times Lionel came out to their shop or farm to visit and understand their business, creating relationships that continue to benefit all of us today.

Over the past few decades, Lionel and Randy have built the Doepker team based on the values instilled by their fathers, the original founders of the company. Evan, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Schuler, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, have collectively spent over 50 years working along side Lionel and Randy and will continue to lead the Doepker team forward, guided by these same values.

About Doepker Industries Ltd.

Doepker Industries Ltd. was established in 1948 and today is one of the leading manufacturers of semi-trailers in Canada. Doepker provides value-added products to customers in the transportation industry within the agricultural,commercial, gravel, logging, heavy haul, and energy sectors in North America. Doepker has a long and proud history, and is supported by a committed workforce based in Saskatchewan.