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Sent by: Lisa Maz [email protected]
Dear Exhibitor,
Hope you are doing well.
Would you be interested in acquiring of NTDA 2023 Contacts list?
List Details :-
Data fields Included : Company name, URL, Contact name, Job title, Phone number, fax number, physical address, Industry, Company size, Email address.
Delivery : MS Excel or CSV format, within 2-3 business days.
Let me know your interest to send you the number of Attendees and cost.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks and Regards,
Lisa Maz | Sr, Marketing Executive.
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Emily Brown <[email protected]>
Just I’m doing follow-up with my previous email that I sent you.
Could you please review and let me know your thoughts. So that I can get back with counts and pricing available.

Best Regards,
Emily Brown
Head of Sales and Marketing.

Please be Aware or Misleading Companies

Please be aware that a firm called Truck and Trailer Makers Insurance is advertising that they have a preferred provider agreement with the NTDA (as well as with other trade associations). This organization is NOT a member of the Association, nor do we have any agreement with them. Please note that the NTDA’s Insurance Program Provider is JD Fulwiler & Co. Insurance. More.