Compensation Costs for Private Industry Workers Averaged $34.19 per Hour Worked in June 2018

Employer costs for employee compensation for private industry workers averaged $34.19 per hour worked in June 2018. Wages and salaries averaged $23.78 per hour worked and accounted for 69.6 percent of these costs. Benefit costs averaged $10.41 and accounted for the remaining 30.4 percent. The information industry had the highest total compensation costs in June, $58.85 per hour worked, including $38.16 for wages and salaries and $20.69 for benefits.

Total employer compensation costs in June averaged $49.18 per hour worked in financial activities and $41.48 in professional and business services.

Employer compensation costs in leisure and hospitality averaged $14.77 per hour worked. Wages and salaries averaged $11.62, and benefit costs averaged $3.15.

These data are from the Employment Cost Trends program. To learn more, see “Employer Costs for Employee Compensation — June 2018.