NTDA - Helping Members With Grassroots Efforts

Members are encouraged to join the NTDA in grassroots efforts to educate legislators about dealer and industry issues, and show how their decisions in Washington affect your dealership, business and/ employees back home.

Make Contact

  1. Contact Your Legislator
  2. Call the district or state office, and ask to speak with the district director or scheduler.
    • For your Senator’s contact info: senate.gov
    • For your Representative’s contact info: house.gov 
    • It is important to educate the legislator’s staff as they advise the legislators on policy issues and positions.
  3. The NTDA will coordinate a member fly-in in 2018 to meet with legislators. Our office will help you to arrange a visit and provide information/training that includes key dealer policy issues such as Federal Excise Tax, and others.

Awareness & Education

  1. The NTDA participates in quarterly conference calls with other industry associations and leading organizations to ensure we are on top of legislative and regulatory issues.
  2. The NTDA bands together with other industry organizations to fight legislation that could negatively impact our members or the industry as a whole.
  3. The NTDA tracks proposed legislation and rulemakings online on a daily basis and posts information under the “Advocacy” and “News” sections of its Web site. Information is also published in the NTDA eNews and in the TrailerTalk print newsletter.
  4. The NTDA surveys members on a regular basis regarding issues of concern.
  5. The NTDA staff and Board listen to member concerns and work to address issues as they arise.
  6. The most important thing you can do is stay informed and educated about the issues potentially impacting your company and its employees. Read the information NTDA publishes on a regular basis and be an active part of the dialogue as we move forward together.

Take Action

Explain how legislation has personally impacted your dealership or stands to impact your business. A compelling story combined with the facts are important to your presentation. Describe how long your company has been in business, your number of employees, how much you pay in taxes annually, how much and in what ways you contribute to your local community, and that you are a member of the NTDA and any other applicable industry organizations. Take time to listen to the legislator’s point of view even though it may differ from your own. Explain what you want the legislator to do and ask for a response (i.e., ask for the legislator or co-sponsor of a bill to support a specific bill or to withdraw their support for the bill). Thank the legislator for their time, and offer your resources in the future. Please contact the NTDA and let us know the outcome of your efforts so that we can continue to inform other members and bolster their efforts.