J&J Adds Stainless Steel Tanker to Product Line

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, a leading manufacturer of dump bodies, trailers, and oil and gas equipment announced the completion of a new stainless steel Pressure Vacuum Tank (PVT). The 130 BBL tank (5460 gallon capacity) was mounted on a Peterbilt chassis and will be used by an energy company to transport fresh water, treated water, and/or production water for the oil and gas industry.

“The stainless steel configuration allows customers to choose an alloy that is corrosion resistant, stronger, and one that provides a longer lasting alternative,” said Jason Cornell, Sales Manager at J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers. J&J tankers can be built in various configurations with capacities ranging from 80-135 BBL (3360-6000 gallons) and are outfitted with one-piece aluminum hose trays, anti-surge interior baffles, top and rear manways, and plug and play vacuum pumps. Some popular options include J&J Armor Coatalong the full length of the tank, tool boxes, and onboard scales.

About the Company:

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers is a division of Somerset Welding & Steel and was founded in 1958. The company also operates J&J Truck Equipment, both located in Somerset, Pa. Somerset Weld- ing & Steel is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, serving clients worldwide. For more informa-tion, please contact Shahira Hoffman, visit www.jjbodies.com, e-mail skh@jjbodies.com, or call (814) 444-3452.

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