Extreme Trailers, LLC Introduces Extreme T Load Securement Hook

Extreme Trailers, LLC, manufacturers of commercial flatbed, drop deck, and dump semitrailers recently introduced its Extreme T Load Securement Hook. This product provides safer, more easily accessible load securements and multi-position capabilities, allowing loads to be securely tied down using straps or chains from multiple positions.

“The Extreme T was designed specifically to enable drivers to safely secure the hook closer to the floor of the bed using a single chain or a chain binder,” said Les Smith, president and CEO of Extreme Trailers.

The device’s patented design prevents slipping, warping, and bending when attaching loads, a feature that improves safety both during load securement and during transit. In addition, the Extreme T stays flush and tight on the flatbed, which prevents the load from shifting position mid-transit.

The Extreme T load securement hook can swivel 45º in each direction, making it easier to secure in a variety of positions. Drivers can also cinch a chain to the Extreme T and still swivel 45º in each direction—all while remaining flush against the flatbed.

What this means for customers, commented Smith, is that they have flexibility when securing loads and integrated safety features that improve safety both during load securement and on the road.

The Extreme T can be purchased for other makes and models of trailers in addition to Extreme Trailer’s trailers. For more information about this product, Extreme Trailers, LLC, or how to become a Dealer, contact the company at 330-440-0198 or visit www.extremetrailersllc.com.

About Extreme Trailers, LLC

Extreme Trailers, LLC is located in Dover, Ohio and is a leader in innovative design and high-quality manufacturing of equipment for the flatbed trailer market. Established in 2016 in Dover, Ohio, the company manufactures a diverse range of products, including: an innovative, patent-pending design trademarked as the X-Lite flatbed trailer, aluminum drop deck trailers, aluminum and steel dump products (frameless and frame type configuration) and custom designs. For more company information, visit www.extremetrailersllc.com.  

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