Looking Ahead to The Broadmoor for 28th Annual NTDA Convention
Association Instituting New Housing Policy in 2018

Thank you to all of our incredible members who attended the 27th Annual NTDA Convention, Oct. 11–13, 2017 at the TPC Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. The Association is moving onto the 28th Annual NTDA Convention, Oct. 3–5, 2018, at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO, with great enthusiasm.

To make your experience as easy as possible and to ensure everyone can secure a room, the NTDA will be implementing some new hotel reservation procedures in 2018. These new policies will also ensure that the NTDA will not have to substantially increase registration fees to compensate for costs derived from duplicate reservations and from guests not showing up on their reserved arrival dates.

First off, we want to assure you that the NTDA has secured more than enough rooms for everyone at the Broadmoor next year. We want to ensure all members have a fair and equal opportunity to book a room for the Convention at The Broadmoor.

Unfortunately in 2017, we had several guests book more than one room in their name at TPC Sawgrass Marriott and then cancel or change their arrival and departure dates just before their date of arrival. We also had a number of guests protect rooms before booking their actual airline tickets that resulted in unused rooms that could have gone to members who had to stay at an overflow hotel. In addition to blocking fellow NTDA members from getting a room, it also resulted in NTDA potentially paying damages to the hotel for not fulfilling its contracted room block commitment.

We know that attendees really appreciate all the networking opportunities provided by our Convention so the more guests we can have stay in the primary Convention resort location the better for everyone. Therefore, the NTDA is making every effort to ensure every member has that opportunity.

For 2018, Convention housing will open later than we have done in the past to give you time to plan the total number of people attending from your company, your correct arrival and departure dates, secure air travel, and register for the Convention. Housing will open at the same time as registration in May 2018.


Here’s how the reservation process will work. Members will not be able to book a room reservation until they have registered for the Convention. This will prevent those who are on the fence about attending from holding rooms that could be used by actual registrants. After you have successfully registered for the NTDA Convention and the Association has processed your convention payment, the NTDA staff will send you an e‐mail with your registration confirmation and a payment receipt as well as a link to make your hotel reservation.

Individuals booking more than one hotel room are asked to contact the NTDA President toll‐free at 1‐800‐800‐4552, direct dial (810) 229‐5960, or e‐mail gwen@ntda.org. This is vital to ensuring that all guests are able to book a room and that large blocks of rooms are not over booked.

Again, we ask that you make your reservation to correspond with your actual arrival and departure dates. If you hold more than one room under the same name, you will either need to assign the correct name before July 27, 2018, or the rooms under duplicate name(s) will be released back into the NTDA room block for sale to other NTDA members. Please be advised that if you book your room directly through www.broadmoor.com, you will pay the full resort fee that is otherwise waived when you book through the NTDA’s room block. You will also pay the full going rate per room  night plus tax, which varies from $460 per night for a Classic Room to more than $1,000 per night for a Premium Room.

Remember, no shows will be charged at least one night’s stay at the rates below. So, save money and book inside the NTDA room block! Rooms in the block are only $235 per night plus tax. (Upgrades and suites are available at varying rates as outlined below.) Room Type NTDA Room Block Rates Rate When Booking Directly Through Broadmoor.com

Please note that there is a large group at the resort through Oct. 1, 2018. Availability at the main resort property may be limited Sept. 29–Oct. 1, 2018 and you may have to consider staying at The Broadmoor’s Cloud Camp or the Ranch at Emerald Valley accommodations at the resort on those dates if you plan to come in earlier than Oct. 2, 2018. For guests who wish to stay at the resort’s Cloud Camp or the Ranch at The Ranch Emerald Valley, the room rate is $435 per night single/double plus tax. Rates are available from Sept. 29 through Oct. 8 based on availability. Please see attached flyer for more information about Cloud Camp and The Ranch at Emerald Valley.

Please be thoughtful when making your reservations in 2018. The NTDA is not responsible for hotel reservations. Hotel reservations are not included with registration. Each member is responsible for providing a credit card number directly to the hotel when making reservations to secure his or her room, and a credit card must be provided upon arrival for subsequent room and incidental charges at the hotel.


Gwendolyn Brown
NTDA President

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